A professionnal interpreting service

What is interpreting?

Interpreting defines the mission of an interpreter, which is to translate orally from one language to the other. This service could be needed in different environments such as a conference, a seminar or a professional meeting.

Interpreting is a demanding activity which requires many years of experience and a perfect proficiency in two languages.


Interpreting, a challenging job

Interpreting consists in translating oral communications from one language into another as accurately and harmoniously as possible. The interpreter must retain the initial style and meaning. 

There are several types of interpreting depending on your needs:

- simultaneous: the interpreter simultaneously translates a speech as the speaker expresses himself. He/she is often settled in a soundproof room with technicians and the audience simultaneously listens to the interpretation through headphones. This is the most common type of interpreting because it enables an immediate communication in as many languages as necessary.

- whispered: the interpreter whispers his/her translation of what the speaker is saying to a small number of people. This is ideal when only a few people do not understand the common language that is being used. 

- consecutive: the interpreter waits for the speaker to pause and then translate what has just been said. Consecutive interpreting is efficient for small groups, during business negotiations for instance. 

- phone: this is a flexible and economical option where interpreters attends a phone conversation between people who do not speak the same language. 

In order to provide you with an estimate which corresponds to your needs, our project manager will ask you to fill in a form to specify details about the events such as the venue, the date and the audience. He will be your key contact throughout the whole project. We have developed partnerships which enable us to offer you preferred rates should you need to rent material (headphones, microphones, soundproof booths). 

Do not hesitate to contact our team should you wish to discuss your needs or to be talked through our procedures.


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