Tailored translation and proofreading

What is translation?

To translate is to transpose a text into another language, while maintaining its expressive and semantic value.

Translation serves many purposes: understanding a text written in a foreign language, interacting with foreign people, communicating at an international level or doing business abroad, etc.


Translation services

Our agency offers translation services in many language combinations (French, English, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, for example) and in numerous fields (medical, legal, technical, business, management, to name but a few).

Our team is composed of about sixty qualified and experienced translators worldwide. Meticulously selected these professionnals ensure that the translation "sounds" right and is faithful to the original text, both in terms of content and style.

Send us the documents you need to translate at info@jmtrad.com and receive a free and detailed estimate within 24 hours, which is adapted to your needs in terms of budget and deadline. Once the quotation is accepted, our project manager identifies the translators that best suit your project, according to their competence and specialisations. Your documents are then translated and proofread by two different translators to ensure perfect quality. We also provide certified translation for your legal documents such as birth certificates, driving licences or other official documents.

The project manager is your key contact throughout the whole project, from the estimate to the delivery. You can reach him anytime to ask questions or to seek advice. You will also have access to an extranet account from where you can follow the progress of your project and download the documents that have already been translated. 

We also offer proofreading services if you wish to verify the quality of some documents that have been translated by a nonprofessional. You simply have to send us the translated documents and one of our translators will make sure that the text "sounds" right.

Our team is at your disposal should you wish to discuss your needs, ask for advice or receive a tailored estimate. Click here to contact us. Do not hesitate to visit our FAQ section to know more about translation and interpreting. 



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